Monday, March 01, 2004

So... what's up? 

Ok ok... so my excuse before was the juggling festival, but that is past now. What else is going on? A pretty big number of things actually... Mainly I've been slowly getting the parts together on a new computer. This has been a huge learning experiance for me, as I was always more knowledgable on the software side rather than hardware, and never did more than put some ram into a machine.

It is difficult because stuff is always evolving, and there is a lot of contradictary information out there. I've flip-flopped so many times on various issues after digging deeper into the information out there. But it is pretty much all pinned down at this point.

I'll give more information soon. In the meantime, New Egg is like the greatest online computing store of all.

Oh, and I got my permit for the second time today (last time I let it expire). Determined to get the license this time.. I guess I'm just sort of oddball. When you don't go out a lot, it just doesn't seem so important. Now that I'm going to more gatherings and such, it makes some sense to get my act together. Once again, the PDA is also helping me get organized. :)

Oh, and today was beautiful out! Like 50 degrees F. If it stays like this much longer, trees will start to bud... let's hope it lasts a while..

Screen Savers tonight showed how to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Not as dangerous as you might think and aparantly makes great creamy ice cream since the quick freezing makes for small ice crystals. This page has a lot of cool things to do with liquid nitro. Seriously, the shaving cream in the car has to be one of the most evil things ever!

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