Thursday, March 04, 2004

Tokyopop goes novels... 

Well, according to this, Tokyopop has several novels in the works including Slayers and Clamp School Detectives. Jake of TP gives some clarifications, and these are indeed original novels being translated from Japanese and not new creations. Will also be priced at around $8 each.

I'm not too interested in either of those, but this brings to mind all kinds of possibilities. Crest of the Stars and Twelve Kingdoms for instance were based on novels, as well as Record of Lodoss War and Legend of Galactic Heroes and countless more. Of course many manga and anime also had novelizations happen after the fact..

This is another one of those things that fans thought would never see the light of day, so it is really cool. Hopefully it'll take off and we'll get a lot more novels coming to our shore... :)

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