Monday, March 29, 2004

Yo-yo attracts movie attention.. ;) 

So, I was yo-yoing today outside work (pretty nice out today) and two people stopped to watch and we started talking. They asked if I worked at Veritech and I said yes and we talked a bit about the different stuff that goes on here (cd-roms, websites, video stuff). Ends up that one of them was here visiting his dad (the one with him) and that he does some work on indy movies (some photography, acting, etc..).

Some of the people at work have put together their own movie production company Glowing Screen with the sci-fi thriller Magdalena's Brain in the works. So, I mentioned that and he gave the address to FilmCrash, which I passed on to the people at work.

Fun stuff.. you never know what might happen in a day... :)

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