Thursday, April 22, 2004

Anime / Manga presentation at Forest Park library this Saturday 

Yikes, I just realized tha I forgot to post about this. Again, for anyone near to Springfield, Massachusetts on May 24 (this saturday) at noon, there will be a presentation on anime and manga at the Forest Park library branch.

As the site says, you can talk to Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe at 263-6843 to get more information or pre-register (it is free, but she wants a handle on attendance, etc). This is going to be an introduction, but she'll also try to get into some aspects of culture that are present in both forms. If it is successful, there might be future workshops delving more into particular aspects.

If you're wondering what's up with this anime and manga stuff and you see terms like shonen and baka thrown around, this could be very enlightening. I'll be there in any case, as it is a pretty short walk from my house. :)

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