Friday, April 02, 2004

Bad manga (reviews of) 

I like to sometimes offset my manga enthusiasm with some reality checks. ;) Check out this thread on AoDVD on manga that people didn't like. This is actually a pretty good thread, with people admitting that it is just their opinion, not falling into flame-wars, and some of the people explaining why they didn't like them, along with a couple of defenses.

I think I've personally been pretty lucky, but I do tend to like most stuff, and I also still don't have as much manga as anime. Of course I also have a bazillion #1s and not so many following volumes... ;) I think if I sit down and say "I'm not starting any new series until I get some more volumes for my current ones" that'll help me separate what titles I'm really enjoying.

BTW, if you don't feel like reading the thread, the concensus seems to be that Bomber Girl is one of the worst series around. Don't see much love for Demon City Hunter either...

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