Thursday, April 15, 2004

Barnes & Noble to publish exclusive manga hardcovers? 

According to carpboy, it sounds like B&N is likely to be publishing hardcover volumes of Akira, Trigun, and Oh My Goddess. Information is still sketchy and there have been no official announcements, but the OMG volume at least seems like it'll be the first three volumes in one (since it is listed as 464 pages), at about $15 which is a very nice deal. Trigun is listed as $12, so I'm guessing it'll be around the same size as the first DH volume. Akira is $15, but the original volumes were pretty large as well. What really seems up in the air at this point is the page dimensions of these. Are these going to be digest-sized like Buddha or the larger size that hardcovers frequently are?

I hate exclusives, but these do sound like they have the potential to be pretty nice...

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