Friday, April 16, 2004


Wow! Everyone must check out this trailer. I was clicking around the Japanese Quicktime trailer site and was totally unprepared. This has to be like the coolest looking thing ever.. :) Also, at least one moment is very reminiscent of Magnus Robot Fighter. Looks like lots of cool robot-fighting action..

It is live-action, but apparently based on an old anime series from the 70s. I guess the plot is loosely based on Hamlet, and seems to have a very interesting cast of characters. Just goes to show how much bloated some movies are when something this nice looking can be done for just 6mil dollars. It seems like no one has picked it up for the US yet, so I'm hoping there will be a legit release in Japan, HK, or Korea with english subtitles (I have a multi-region player). How is it I have heard no buzz on this movie yet???

For links to synopsis, an interview with the director, and an overview of the original anime, go here.

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