Saturday, April 03, 2004

Food for thought... 

Some food for thought from jericho1368:

Maybe comics should just start doing mini series of every title and every time they finish a story with a creative team, start it over with a new number one. That'll keep sales high since everyone buys a number one!

As for my bud who never read a comic before and went into a shop to buy a Spiderman comic after seeing the movie and saw umpteen different Spidermans titles, all with different numbering -- the main one jumping from 58 to 500 making him think comics were like one big rubiks cube, who ended up trying a handful and not finding one decent story in any of them and thus, never bought one again, my thoughts were, good job guys.

The way some series seem to reboot and change so much with the creative teams, I almost wonder if constant mini-series wouldn't be a bad idea at times.. ;) Unfortunately, I agree about the rubik's cube comment. I'm hoping that if Hellboy does well at the box-office, that the straightforward numbered volumes will help with sales. At just about any store I've been to with comics, whether a shop or bookstore, there is a Hellboy display. But unlike the Hulk displays of the past, these aren't a bunch of unrelated stories stuck on the same display. Also, in the article I posted the other day, anyone else notice how many times the original comics were brought up? This movie doesn't seem afraid of its roots, which is another nice change. :)

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