Thursday, April 01, 2004

Hellboy's Bumpy Road 

Actually.. before I got distracted by a Secret War, Tim links to a great article on Hellboy. It is crazy the stupid ideas that the executives had and I'm so glad that del Toro stuck to his guns. Even if I end up hating the finished movie (which I doubt), I think you have to appreciate what was went through by him and Ron. BTW, while several movies were mentioned in the article, everyone should check out the City of Lost Children. Perlman does a great job portraying a childlike strongman and overall it is just a really imaginative dark fairy tale of a movie.

Just because it bears repeating:

"An executive said to me, 'What about a regular actor who gets angry and turns into Hellboy?"' said del Toro, wrinkling his face in disgust. "I go, 'That's ---- not ---- very good.

"Then they would say, 'What if you call him Hellboy and he comes from Hell and all that, but he looks like a guy?' Then they would suggest things like, 'Can he have a Hellmobile?' 'Can he have a dog? A pet dog that comes from hell and is red?'

"It's funny when you say it," del Toro said in his Encino office while the film was being edited. "But it's not funny when it happens."

Scary stuff...

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