Monday, April 12, 2004

Image too weird? 

Is it me, or does anyone else find this post depressing?

"Well once again, talking with the owner of my comic shop, he thinks it will be great from a business standpoint. Back when Image was super popular he said he'd have guys that would just tell him to put every Image book that came out in their box each month. As Image started doing more and more of these 'other' titles and less of their main superhero type titles, people were dropping their Image titles. Not just a title here and there, 'yea just drop all the Image books, some of these books are getting too wierd for me.'

They should focus on getting that back, the superhero stuff, the popular stuff. In addition to the 'other' stuff. I guess my point is, they need to get back to the point where they've got more recognizable stuff out there again. Like Spawn, its still one of their better selling titles. But what if they started focusing on it again. Do something big with it, Todd's main focus now is his toyline, which he makes tons of money off of. But what if he started working towards making Spawn that top selling comic that it was back in the day. They could do the same with some of the Top Cow stuff."

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