Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My Mom is cool... 

You know, for all those times that I have frustrations with my Mom (which is only natural..heh), I have to say that I really am lucky. What got me on this line of thinking? Well the latest thing was that I had the Action channel on to tape the Cowboy Bebop movie (I finally will get to watch the thing!) and with no prompting from me at all, she decided to watch the original Vampire Hunter D that was on (I was first in another room watching TV and then on the computer), and she said she loved it. Lately she's also been watching shows on the On Demand version of Anime Network. How cool is that?

Not to mention that her favorite comic is probably The Tick, and lately she picked up Psychic Academy and Rune Soldier Louie during a recent sale (I ended up finally getting the Nausicaa re-issue and gave Darkside Blues a shot on a whim..). She liked Spirited Away and Castle of Cagliostro and Kiki's Delivery Service.

She's always been supportive of my yo-yos and juggling and can do a little bit of yoing, poi, and juggle three balls. And I'm sure I wouldn't be the person that I am if it wasn't for her belonging to the Sci-Fi Book Club for many many years (she doesn't even have to send back the forms to say she doesn't want stuff anymore..heh). I grew up with bookcases full of fantasy and sci-fi books. I went to the library a lot, but Shannara, Pern, Amber, Belgariad, Last Herald-Mage, Wuntavor, Support Your Local Wizard, Soul Drinker, Hero and the Crown... those were all books on the shelves at home that I could pick up anytime...

Not to mention computers, getting a Tandy 1000SL, a typing program to learn, willing to pay for a BBS even on our 2400 modem and going on with me to chat and play MUDs (she was more into Illusions than I was at some point..heh). I'd say she's better at Tetris than I am now..

And for all that she's shy about talking about sex stuff (as most parents are..heh), she was still able to say stuff when I was young like "You know.. if you happen to find out you are gay or something, you know that that wouldn't matter to me right?" As it turns out, I'm not, but that seriously would have been a load off of my back if I was..

I hear so many stories from the different communities I'm in of parents who are barely tolerant or outright against stuff like yo-yos or comics or anime or video games, and I really feel like I am lucky to have a pretty cool Mom.. :)

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