Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A new windmill tilted at... 

Hibbs has a new column up, this time tackling CrossGen and the Tokyopop/Diamond deal. Lots of good information in this one. I do agree that one reason for CrossGen's troubles was that promotion of it being a "line". I certainly got the impression at first that it was a tightly integrated shared world, while the reality was that some of the titles were relatively unconnected in practice. I think at this point, a line is really really hard to get going and it is probably better to go with greater diversity like Oni Press is doing.

On Tokyopop, he has some good information on what the change might actually mean for retailers, in terms of discounts, etc. I need to re-read it when my head isn't quite so sleepy... Some good discussion in the related thread as well.

[ala Sean]

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