Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Punisher promotion doesn't go far enough? 

Well, on the surface this seems like a good idea. A company finally doing some serious cross-promotion. However, is it me or did they still drop the ball? They're including a reproduction of Punisher's original appearance.

Now that is kind of cool in itself, but what are they trying to achieve exactly? I think a lot of people already know Punisher comes from comics. For those that didn't know, now they will.. BUT it is an old comic. Besides the fact that it probably reads old and might not seem as relavent to the readers, it also doesn't clue them into the fact that there are still Punisher comics being made. Or comic books being made at all.

It tells the movie-goers where the property came from, but how about where it is now? Wouldn't it have been a lot better to give them the first issue of some new Punisher series and get them hooked? Or I suppose they could point them to a collection of the early stories to continue this first issue directly, but does such a collection currently exist? Punisher Essentials?

I hope that it at least has a big reference to the Comicbook Locater Service somewhere as well as information on other Marvel comics that are availible. Otherwise, what is the point really? I mean it is cool for the fans and collectors, but isn't the point of this to get more people reading their comics?

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