Saturday, April 10, 2004

Those music videos... 

So, I was bored last night and decided to watch some of the digital MV channels (MTV2, MTV Jams, and Fuse). Some random thoughts:

The video for Maps from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was pretty interesting. Not so often that you see a lead singer who seems like she is literally going to break down during the number...

I've only seen a couple of vids from AFI, but seem to be pretty enjoyable. This song (can't remember the title) with the singer perched on a high outcropping really reminds me of some JPop bands I've seen. Just the whole vibe (of a lot of different videos lately actually) reminds me of when I d/led some jpop videos a couple of years back.

Scary experience when I saw a video by Mario (can't remember his last name) and next to his name it said: Featuring P. Diddy and Enya. I was like "what the?!?!" It didn't end up being nearly as odd as I thought it would be, with Enya doing some very soft almost synth string stuff in the background and Puffy doing his usually rap for 20 seoncs be in every video ever made routine..heh.

In another combination I wasn't expected, one of the Kids in the Hall guys is in the new OutKast video.

Lastly, while the industry isn't in the most amazing place, and I'm sure the normal MTV station is worse than these, I still find it interesting that things seem more "mixed" than they used to be. It seems like you can have a sugary sweet pop song, then some rap, then some punk, then some rock, then some grunge, then some combination of all of the previous at once..heh. Seems to be lots of retro creeping into everything also...

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