Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Three open music sites... 

To continue the theme of music, an interesting site is Opsound. It basically is a database of music released with the creative commons' attribution share-alike license. Looks like there could be some nice stuff on there. Of course they don't actually host anything, which brings us to the next site.

The Internet Archive's Open Source Audio archive. Pretty much anyone can upload free audio there (both lossy and lossless), with various licenses supported (could be a more restrictive CC or something similar). There are also other audio archives on the same site, including virtual music labels, speeches, etc.

Lastly, etree.org, is a site devoted to the trading of lossless audio recordings, specifically of live music which the bands in question say can be traded. Pretty interesting in the focus both of live music and lossless files. This is like Opsound in that the website doesn't host files, but different in that it seems to link into an approved set of third-party ftp sites.

There's lots of good stuff out there, so go listen... :)

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