Friday, April 23, 2004

Tokyopop TV news spreads slowly... 

Most of today I searched out other people reporting on the Tokyopop TV commercial story. I was starting to get depressed as it seemed like no one was picking up on it, but it seems my fears were misplaced.

First, Franklin actually beat me to the punch, which I somehow missed. Though Balloons picked it up later in the day, and Neilalien has the story as well.

I posted on AoDVD which got some responses but ironically not as "mor" as a thread on a print ad Tokyopop just did. My post to TCJ has nada responses. Loran manages to sneak it into Sequential Tart.

Anyone else? I suppose it being Friday has slowed things down a bit. I hope this blows up a bit at least by Monday.

Still, I can't help thinking that if it was Marvel that was doing this, there'd be insane chatting on every forum and news site by now.. Ahh well..

Anyone else I'm missing?

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