Monday, May 31, 2004

ADV names three Korean films and Dark Water... 

TheGodOfJurai has news from PMX on several new licenses from ADV. In anime territory are UFO Princess Valkarie and some Rockman OVAs (Rockman is Megaman's Japanese name), but more interesting to me at the moment are the live-action announcements.
Rockman: Wishing Upon a Star (anime)

* Conduct Zero (Korean live action)
* Yesterday (Korean live action)
* 2009 Lost Memories (Korean live action)
* Dark Water (Japanese live action)

The thing that stuck out to me first was Dark Water, directed by the same guy that did the Ring (Ringu). It involves a single mother trapped with her son in an apartment by an evil entity of water. I've heard some say they didn't like it quite as much as Ring, but that it is in the same territory of psychological horror over gore, which I appreciate. I almost got the legit HK DVD a while back (it is really really cheap online), but I may wait on this release. As a note, this is also being re-made in the US just like Ring was (as will the HK movie the Eye).

I don't know much about the Korean movies, but the thread has some descriptions. It seems like Conduct Zero is a street gang comedy, somewhat like Grease without the music, and a bit of a harder edge. Yesterday is sci-fi, and 2009 is some sort of mystery set in the near future.

I hope these manage to be successful, since we could really use more Korean films coming out, and asian films in general that aren't hacked up by the distributer..

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