Monday, May 31, 2004

ADV to release Vietnam manga 

I believe this has been mentioned before, but the official press release is now up that mentions ADV Manga's "Apocalypse Meow". This was originally titled Cat Shit One and is by Motofumi Kobayashi, who aparantly also did Psychonaut (the first instance of a manga artist working on a US script).

It is described as a semi-historical Vietnam war story with bunnies as the Americans and cats as the Viet-con. Obviously this might appeal to people who have liked Maus, which is probably why they decided to release this..

Now, it seems like the Japanese homepage has the whole story online. I'm not totally sure that this is what is in the GNs, but it seems probable that this story started as a web-comic and was later collected. If that is the case, these GNs are probably full color.

The page on ADV's site is here, but nothing on there besides a summary yet.

I have to say that the style is pretty interesting. Kobayashi has a loose painted style, and all the sound effects are done using roman lettering. The animals don't look silly, and there seems to be a lot of attention to detail in the surroundings. This seems like it could be a real winner...

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