Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Amazing t-shirt folding method... 

Jen on Seq Tart has found a really interesting video showing how to fold a t-shirt in record time. I don't actually have one in front of me to try it out, but it looks like it is relatively straight-forward once you get the hang of it. Object manipulations are my forte, so I'm going to give learning this a serious shot. :)

Edit: I tried it at home and it definitely works. For those having problems with it, notice that the crossing hand has to grab onto the opposite side of the shirt before uncrossing. I'll have to practice it to get faster and less lopsided and less wrinkles, but it is definitely cool. I don't know that I'll use it for my main method right now, just because the result is wider than the current fold method, and I've usually been doing three rows of t-shirts in the drawer at the moment. Would have to go down to two using this method, but if you have t-shirts with big iron-on type logos, this gives enough room for that part not to get creased.

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