Friday, May 21, 2004

Dorkin on manga... 

Franklin mentioned Dorkin's journal because of his rant in the entry about Tsui Hark's decline. However, there is also some interesting stuff in the comments section, where Dorkin ends up defending manga:


"I'd like to see Tin Tin get into American mainstream, and hope his books outsell this manga crap (well, it's mostly crap)."

"Most everything is crap. Manga is nothing but imported comics, and if comics are selling in America, I'm all for that. People need to rerlax about the manga stuff, be happy something's selling. So what if it isn't "your" comics? Do we want comics to sell or don't we? If comic retailers don't take advantage of manga because of ignorance, laziness or a bias, they're only hurting themselves. Having a problem with manga seems pointless to me, like hating superheroes or hating small press artsy books. What's the point? Get on with your work or interests and be happy something is propping up the sad American industry/medium."


"I think that even if the movies were a hit, Tintin will never become a phenomenon here like in Europe. The comics are too "gentle", for lack of a better term. But it's done very well for itself in the world, so I don't think the Herge estate is crying. Ditto Asterix.

Just mho."

"I did say manga was MOSTLY crap, not totally. I'm gaga over Otomo and Shirow. Lone Wolf and Cub are cool. I loved Robotech.

Still, I think most american comics are crap. It's just that I UNDERSTAND american crappy comics. Bad manga is just bizarre. And embarrassing. How many panties shots can they fit in one book (even when it's not geared to adults)?

No mistake, I'm THRILLED that manga's selling well. It's our new 'gateway drug' to american comics. Obviously movies about comics don't make comics sell, so I'm glad we've got something working."

"I realize you qualified it, but it's still the same old picking on manga stuff that I'm tired of hearing. Nothing personal, but this is my forum to jump down people's throats, and vice versa, only Sarah can delete posts here and you can't. It's not a Democracy, it's a kingdom of Dwarves and Chimps and yes, I rule. And don't forget, zombies patrol the perimeter.

I hope some of you know what that's all about or I'm looking sillier than usual. Anyway:

If panty shots are embarrasing (I'm not a fan of "fan service, myself", I prefer pornography, or hyuk hyuk, actual sex) -- then WTF do you think when you see the American T&A garbage displayed in everything from Wonder Woman to Thundercats? Bad gaijan comics are just as bizarre, man, we're just used to them. Shi? Lady Death? Vampirella? The White Queen? Liberty Meadows? Everyone, chime in. We're just as bad with the drooling sad fanboy crappola. Think outside your brainbox and try to make heads or tails out of Cerebus from a foreigner's POV. One head explosion, coming up. There's a reason nobody has shown much interest in translating Milk and Cheese -- they literally don't get it. The pop culture, the puns, the non sequitors, the cartoon gag imagery, the bulk of the jokes and references. Same with Eltingville."

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