Thursday, May 20, 2004

Ebooks and AMVs (a new direction?) 

Well, as you've probably noticed, I'm not not finding the time to do much link-blogging. I'd say that several other blogs have it covered very well anyway, so I don't feel too too guilty.. ;)

What else to blog about? Well two things have come up of late. The first is my foray into reading books on my PDA, which is working out much better than I thought it would. So, I think it'll be good to discuss what books I've been reading (Oz!), programs for Palm, and a roundup of the various sites offering both free books and pay services.

AMV stands for Anime Music Video, the videos that fans put together to compete at conventions and give away online. I finally started to transfer the files from CD to the new computer and they are looking better than ever. These can be a good introduction to a series and a lot of fun in their own respect. I'm thinking I can do a regular feature of profiling some of my favorite AMVs, where to get them, and the anime (and songs) that they are based on.

Maybe I can put up some photos I've taken on occation as well, if anyone is interested.. I need to review some of the manga/gns I've been reading lately as well.

I think I made this claim some time in the past as well, but I think I want to get away from parroting news-related links unless no one has brought them up already. It is just so time consuming and easy to get overwhelmed when you're not just reading news but trying to remember to link to it all. If I can stick to the more obscure sites I find and try to have some re-occuring content that I can (hopefully) put on some kind of schedule, I think it'll make this blog a lot more useful in the longrun.

We'll see how well I can keep to all of this, but does it sound like it has some potential?

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