Thursday, May 27, 2004

FanimeCon... and piñatas 

Franklin linked to this article on FanimeCon, which is surprisingly well done, and with a couple of funny quotes. Behold:

As ugly is to an ape, so is cute to anime. Because of dangerously soaring insulin levels among anime fans, organizers held a 200-word essay competition asking which anime character most deserved to be clubbed to pieces for the high crime of supercuteness. At the convention, the winning creature will be presented in piñata form for summary destruction.
The convention takes place simultaneously with the rerelease of the original Godzilla. Gojira ought to be the convention's mascot. Like the King of Monsters, anime was, at first, misunderstood, carelessly dubbed by idiots and disrespected by critics. And like Gojira, it's seemingly invincible.

See, THIS is why american comics are in trouble. Where are the piñatas?

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