Thursday, May 13, 2004

IDT Ent aquires Manga Ent 

Hmmm, this press release is pretty big news.

These guys are really on a rampage lately. They now have Manga Ent, Anchor Bay, Film Roman, Mainframe, an interest in Archie comics, and just signed an agreement to do new Spawn animation for McFarlane...

This is especially interesting since Manga Ent. is generally one of the most reviled of the anime companies. They have a reputation for messing up stuff in general, frequently sitting on old titles, etc. It is the company that many fans usually want to see either get bought out or go under, so it'll be interesting to see how much this change of ownership affects the company. I think it could be a real powerhouse given the right management. Manga Ent. does have a pretty impressive catalog, but they've been eclipsed by many of the other companies through quite a lot of past blunders. Here's hoping this is a positive move...

[Thanks to Thought Balloons for the news]

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