Monday, May 10, 2004

Johanna reviews Chobits 

Johanna has a good review up on the first volume of Chobits. Some people get put off by some of the sexuality in it (got the first two volumes cheap from a friend who was a priest), but I generally think it was fine the way that it was done. I need to actually take the time to read more of this series. I believe I read the first two volumes, but not the third one as of yet, which I've heard gets more into the serious plot.

BTW, as a warning, a lot of people seem to like the manga much better than the anime. From what I gather, quite a lot of filler was used early on in the anime, with most of the plot stuffed into the last couple of episodes. Seems like this is one of the cases (as often seems the case) where the original has the better pacing. Still, Mom has enjoyed it on on-demand, randomly blurting out "chi!" at times, so it can't be all bad.. ;)

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