Thursday, May 27, 2004

Just ordered two things... 

Rightstuf tends to have weekly deals on specific things all the time, as well as sales on particular publishers at times. Right now they have 40% off of all Funimation titles (nothing there grabbing me enough to get, considering I am low on funds right now).

However, I couldn't help but get the first Saint Seiya DVD, which was only $5.99! Five episodes of cheesy greek mystical battling madness! I was going to give a link to it, but aparantly it ended some time today. I had put off getting it until this morning, so it seems like I lucked out!

Considering the cost of shipping, I decided I should put one more thing on there. The Nausicaa volumes seem a bit harder to find than most other manga in B&M stores (probably due to the sizing), so I got the second volume of that. If you've been reading the blog for any length of time, you know it comes highly recommended. If I had more $ (and didn't own it already in the old version), I'd have snatched all of them up by now..

It looks like they also snuck a Viz sampler onto the order for free, so that is very cool. :) A DVD and manga for $21 including shipping. Not too shabby I must say..

For the current weekly deals, Tsukikage Ran is a fun samurai comedy. If you've seen some of Kurosawa's movies or Zatoichi, you'll be familiar with the setting. But this involves a deadpan female samurai and a somewhat brainless female kung-fu expert. It is the second volume, but is pretty episodic and good fun.

Assemble Insert is supposed to be fun.

If you're into music, those sound track packs are a really good deal.

Brigadoon is a good series, but it is just as cheap at DeepDiscount (cheaper when you consider no shipping there).

Chance Pop is supposed to be good, and hard to beat that price, but is the second volume. I'm sure it'll be in the middle of plot, but might be worth checking out as a preview..

Fake is pretty fun, and good if you're curious about the whole Shonen Ai phenomenon. Again, it is just as cheap at DeepDiscount...

Dreamland Japan is a great informational book on manga. Definitely grab this if you haven't already..

His and Her Circumstances is great from what I've seen of it. A school romance title that takes a serious look at how people mask their real feelings in order to be popular. Highly recommended and that is an amazing deal. I'd grab it if I had the $55 to spare..

Mazinkaiser is cheesy retro-mecha fighting madness. Fun stuff from what I've seen about it. One of those shows that is real but a parody of itself at the same time. Pretty nice deal..

Utena Sound track is great judging from the music I've heard in the series. Again, no pressure as it is cheap at DeepDiscount.

The Sailor Moon boxes are good deals and these won't be availible forever due to the license running out and won't be renewed any time soon. If you want to see the original un-cut series in Japanese, this is your chance. Again, if I had more money.. SM is fun for what it is..

No manga in there this time unfortunately...

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