Sunday, May 02, 2004

The library anime workshop... 

So, the workshop at the library has come and gone. Didn't manage to hook up with Legomancer (tisk tisk Dave..heh), but it was still fun.

Probably the most interesting thing was the variety of people. There were some people my age (25-ish), and lots of kids. It was probably a 50-50 split of male/female across all ages. There was also many races represented (black, spanish, asian, etc.). I'd guess there was at least 50 people total. It was neat seeing so many people from the area with an interest in these topics.

Basically, Sarah (who was hosting this) gave a lot of different basic information. Explanations of terms, different visual techniques (sweatdrop, etc.), some mythology, some of the more famous directors and their films, etc. Some tapes and dvds were queued up to show examples. Everything from classics (robotech), to comedy (fruits basket), to serious historical (grave of the fireflies), to American animation that has been influenced by anime (the new TMNT cartoon).

I thought one of the better things (and something I haven't seen people often talk about) was information specific to cons. Tips like how the retailer area usually has inflated prices except for the last day, never go to someone's room alone, make sure you know the rules on what kinds of costumes and weapons you can have, show up early for workshops if it is a big con, don't waste people's times with heckling at speakers, etc. All the common sense things that might slip your mind at your first con.

There was a little trivia contest on the info. that was presented, with some pocky and books and ramen as the prizes. She also had almost all the manga that is in that library spread out on the back table so people could check it out, and made sure to mention the inter-library loan. There was also printouts on informational websites and books in the system.

Overall it was fun, and I hope there will be more in the future on other topics, like a manga focus, or more on cultural aspects. And some day I'll manage to meet up with Dave. :)

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