Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Linkin Park join forces with Japanese animators and Tokyopop 

Well, if you thought the Princess Ai thing was a big deal, here is something with some huge potential. This article describes two things that Linkin Park are doing for their newest video Breaking the Habit.

First of all, it seems like the entire video is being animated in Japan with the same animators that worked on the Kill Bill sequence. This in itself I don't find surprising at all, considering past videos. They've done everything from a 3D robot war to a video that included Gundam models in the room, so anime seems like it'd fit right in..

The other interesting aspect, though, is that they'll be working with Tokyopop to do a "manga" version of the storyline of the video, and might even release a DVD with the volume. Nothing is said about if it will be drawn or fumetti. I wouldn't really be surprised with either. In any case, considering how insanely popular Linkin Park is, this could be quite a revenue stream for Tokyopop...

[thanks to Philip Reuben for the news]

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