Sunday, May 23, 2004

Meetings and contests and five balls... 

Well, I was at the local Dog Bite meeting on Friday, and while the crowd wasn't huge (I think having it the third friday of the month instead of second threw people off), it was a lot of fun. Mostly it was me, Nick, Alex, and TheWeirdOne hanging out, while craziness went on in the background (there was these really long balloons that they had kids blowing up which became little missles when deflated..). It was pretty warm, but snack time actually had those little ice cream cups, so that was cool.

Nick was doing a lot of practicing compulsories for Northeast Regionals, which got me off of my butt to start practicing as well. For anyone curious, the list is here. If that is all correct, I'll need to figure out a different yo-yo to use (because of no binds allowed)..

Got the chance to do a bit of diabolos, poi, and juggling also, so that was fun. The interesting thing is that yesterday I decided to fuss with my juggling again, first working on doing wider and higher than usual with 3 and 4 balls. Then I practiced 5 and was surprised at how well I was doing, especially since I haven't tried it for a while now. I actually got in 20 throws at one point, which might be a record for me. I think I really need to make some effort to get more solid with 5 balls. This gives me some confidence that I can actually get somewhere with it...

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