Friday, May 28, 2004

Megas XLR 

Hah! Shows what I know... I kept hearing about Megas XLR as a funny show involving a fan culture (games, anime, etc). I haven't had access to Cartoon Network, so I never saw any previews or episodes. I stumbled on the homepage today and guess what?

I saw one of characters and went "Oh! I remember this..." This thing started out as a short on Cartoon Cartoon, which spawned so many of CN's good shows. I remember it being fairly entertaining, so it is pretty neat that it got its own series. However, it was also the kind of thing where I hope they have enough material for a whole series without running out of ideas. I'll have to see if I can track down some episodes...

Seriously, Cartoon Cartoon was one of the best ideas that CN ever had. So much good material has come out of it. The same thing goes for the Liquid TV block that MTV had. I wish more networks would do this, having short-form animated stories from different (frequently no-name) creators that might become a series. This is the sort of thing that many manga anthologies do in Japan to find new talent, and I'm glad to see Tokyopop attempting it as well. Who can say when some weird idea might prove amazingly popular with fans out of nowhere?

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