Sunday, May 30, 2004

More Johanna... 

In an attempt to catch up a bit:

Chobits 6 - Everyone is pulling ahead of me in titles they're reading. Sounds good, though...

Delicious Seasons - Unfotunately, the release sounds really disappointing. Sounds like the translation is really bad with engrish and typing mistakes abounding, while the plot generic, and artwork inconsistant. This was one I was hoping to like... :( All I can say is Digital Silicon better get its production quality up ASAP or they will disappear very quickly. There is too much good stuff coming out not to spend money on badly translated titles..

Image goes cheesecake - Not a good sign...

Kenshin 1 - This title took me a while to warm up to on the anime side, but there is a reason why it has proved so popular. It started off as manga and a lot of it was never animated, so check out the original source of this superhero-ish samurai drama.

Death Takes a Vacation - I was meaning to comment on this really fun strip a couple of months ago, but forgot all about it. Check out the preview strips for sure..

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