Tuesday, May 11, 2004

More on Blogger comments 

Alright.. I'm an idiot. It has a setting on whether someone can post anonymously, as a Blogger member, or as a member of the particular blog.

Update: OK then... here's the deal. It seems to be set up similar to Live Journal. You can either post anonymously (in which case you have to specify your name/url as part of the post) or need to join Blogger (free but a hassle if you aren't already).

The advantage is that comments will appear at the end of each post, and be part of the same system. I'd worry more about Haloscan dropping off the face of the earth than Blogger itself. The disadvantage is not being able to just type your name/e-mail in their own fields if you aren't a member..

Any thoughts on this? It seems like it'd be have things more consistant, but I'd hate to cause inconvenience for the commenters. This isn't the biggest blog around to begin with. :)

Any thoughts?

Update 2! I think I'm going to stick with Haloscan for now. Besides the annoying nature of the posting, frankly it is just really hard to read the comments after they are posted. Maybe it is just a case of needing a template that supports comments, but I think I'll do more research first. Also, it seems like comments are inserted from blogger.com instead of actually being published, which is like Haloscan anyway.

However, I do like the multiple pages for each post. Shorter urls and can link to something without having to show all of the entries. I also removed trackback from haloscan, since it never once got used, and I don't forsee it being that needed. I'll have to experiment more with Technorati and see if that is a bit better.

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