Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Newsarama tackles Tokyopop on TV 

It seems like the slow burn continues, now with Newsarama on board. However, they also have additional information to what has been mentioned in the past.

First, it is mentioned that print advertising will also be increased, going into Wizard, Wizard Anime Insider, Newtype, and Billboad. To me, the most interesting out of those is Wizard and Billboard, as they both are reaching out to readers that probably don't already read manga.

There is also a larger list of titles being advertised:

Sgt. Frog Volume 3, Psychic Academy Volume 3, Saiyuki Volume 3, Shutterbox Volume 2, Kill Me Kiss Me Volume 3, DNAngel Volumes 1-3, Tokyo Babylon Volume 2, Lament of the Lamb Volume 2, Priest Volume 12, Princess AI Volume 1, Doll Volume 1, Model Volume 1, Paradise Kiss Volume 1, Tokyo Tribes and At Large.

A pretty interesting aspect of that list is that both Shutterbox and At Large are from American creators (and Princess Ai sort of is). A lot of people seem to dislike At Large, but Shutterbox looks like a very good story. This is a lot more promotion than they would have at their own Studio Tavicat (well, one of the two creators is the voice of GIR in Invader Zim, but I doubt most people know that). If Peach Fuzz was out, I'd guess it'd be in the list as well. I wonder if this will influence more creators to try to join Tokyopop or submit to the Rising Stars of Manga contest?

I'm glad they're willing to advertise Paradise Kiss even though it is already completely released, as that is a great series (perhaps the connection to Princess Ai is also helping it). I can't help wondering what the Priest commercial will look like, if they are indeed animated parts of it. That could be very cool...

Now, I just need to catch one of these. Has anyone managed to see one yet? I watch TechTV and G4 a lot, but I work until after 5:30pm, so I don't now if they'll air at that time. I don't get CN anymore, so that is cut out from me...

[thanks again to Kevin for the heads-up]

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