Saturday, May 29, 2004

NewType and Nausicaa 3 

Well, I decided to stop by Modern Myths before yo-yo club today, looking for the June issue of NewType USA. That was in and I had $22 with me, so I decided to pick up one more thing. I almost went for Planetes 3 or Hellsing 2, but ended up going for Nausicaa 3. They also had the Battle Royale novel, which I really need to pick up one of these days.

As always, it is a joy to look through all the stuff in there. The kids section was moved from beside the door to in front of the door, which was pretty neat. I also flipped through tons of indy stuff I've seen online. Way too much stuff I need to buy one of these days...

More on NewType later, but things that caught my eye were a big fold out Toyota Scion ad with plastic transluscent overlays (it was packed in rather than binded to the magazine), a new manga (Chrono Crusade), Studio Pierott tour, and bazillions of other things.

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