Wednesday, May 12, 2004

On Tokyopop's 10 new announcements... 

Does anyone else find it somewhat amusing that out the
10 titles just announced, six are targetting girls, two are comedy, one involves romance for guys, and the last is a horror title?

This is about as far from the image of comics people have in their head as you can get. It is even going against the pre-conceptions a lot of people have of manga.

At this point, if someone talked to me about manga being mostly giant robots, I think I'd just laugh. At this point, I think abou the most you could say is a lot of manga either has a focus romance or fighting/competition, and even that encompasses a lot of ground.

I know that most of the stuff coming out is still aimed at kids, and there is plenty of derivitive titles, but I have to say I am relatively happy with the current state of the market. I'm certainly finding plenty worth reading these days...

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