Sunday, May 02, 2004

Some impressive Cosplayers.... 

OK, I know a lot of people get scared by people in costumes. They may have seen too many overweight male Sailor Moon people, or even a guy trying to be like Tron. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't some really really good stuff out there. Check out this page. Now, it does seem like most of the images are stolen from other sites, and most of the comments are lame, but it is a nice collection of images. While most are anime, there are some from games like Final Fantasy and Metroid. There's even a very good Jack Sparrow and G.I. Joe character (can't remember her name) in there.

Personally, Master Roshi was very funny to see, it was cool to see 80s Dirty Pair, Samus Ares is way cool, the Magnetic Rose is EXACTLY like the anime, and the RE2 Zombie is pretty fun. I don't think I've ever seen an Akira clown done either, which was pretty refreshing. I just saw the Naruto couple in the latest Jump, and they look quite realistic. I'm not familiar with Terra and Locke, but the fact that it does look like an Amano design is telling. Star Scream is classic, and Big O must be really hard to walk around in..heh. The one he thinks is digimon is really Alien Nine, and is pretty neat. The other Terra and Locke are neat also, and you can't go wrong with Link. Time to get out your sewing machine. :)

Thanks to Fencedude for the link.

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