Sunday, May 09, 2004

Some notes on Comic Party... 

I know some people have talked of being interested in Tokyopop's Comic Party anthology, as it contains work from 15 doujinshi (amateur) creators. I haven't read it yet, but judging from this review, it sounds like some background may be in order.

Comic Party actually started off as a video game. A dating-sim-ish game that proved popular and was ported from the PC to Dreamcast in Japan. From what I've read online, you had to do stuff like schedule your doujinshi writing, draw it, research it, improve at art, get the fan-girls, etc.

That spawned an anime series, with a normal guy getting roped into the world of comic conventions and eventually trying to produce a popular comic. Aparantly lots of commentary on geek culture ala Otaku no Video (which was a movie that parodied anime fandom).

Judging from osaka's review, this is 15 unconnected works in the Comic Party world. It sounds like some of it is pretty interesting and gives insight on doujinshi culture in Japan, but that Tokyopop should have put in more introductory information. So, you may want to flip through this a bit first to see how confused you are by what's going on before you actually buy it... ;)

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