Sunday, May 09, 2004

Thank you Robin! 

Go Robin:

I think it must be a new internet law: Every Comment on The Growing Popularity of Anime/Manga Must Invite A Corollary Comment on How Crap It All Is.

I read such posts and it just makes me shake my head. Back in the early 90's I was lucky to find comics in bookstores. Now, since I live a town where the only comic store isn't worth talking about, I have to rely on the big chains...where manga keeps eating shelf space. Jesus Christ! I went home the other day with the latest volumes of EVANGELION, RANMA 1/2, INU-YASHA, and GYO! There's little wrong with a phenomenon that makes such works readily available, and cheap (ish) to me.

Oh, yeah, and anime sucks, right? Any medium that exists as the primary vehicle for Studios Ghibli and Gainax to work in has more than justified its existence. So the rest is crap. So what?

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