Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Tokyopop 5th biggest company in DM (Viz on heels) 

Comicbookresources have up their Diamond statistics for April, and I found it to be pretty interesting, especially in terms of market share for the publishers.

Currently Tokyopop is in fifth place, with Viz closely behind in 6th place. The new kid on the block ADV is currently in 14th place (above MVCreations, Slave Labor, and Oni Press).

Now, it seems like the places can shift around a lot from month to month below the big 4, so who knows how different things will be next month, but I still think this is pretty telling. Who'd of thought last year that the 5th and 6th places could be held by manga publishers?

Also interesting is the Tokyopop and Viz are only 0.04% away from each other in unit share (I am pretty sure they have the unit and dollar labels reversed on this month's article). The fact that Tokyopop is a full half a percent higher in dollar share is I'm sure due to the fact that Viz's Jump line of digests are only $8 instead of $10. With them being so close, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Viz surpassed Tokyopop next month in terms of unit share...

Crossgen is really down in the dumps this month! All the way down to 11th place. It certainly isn't looking very good.

As always, the 300 comics seems like same ol same ol, while much more variety is present in the graphic novels list. Hellboy #1 drops down from 5th place to 9th place. #5 comes in at 42nd place and #2 at 79th place.

The Marvel Age books seem to be having a decent showing. Runaways comes in at 11, Spider-Man at 14, Spider-Girl at 19, and Sentinel at 21.

Manga seems to have bounced back in the list compared to last month. In April, Inuyasha #17 came in at 24th and Battle Royale #6 at 34th. This month Hellsing #2 comes in at 4th and Berserk #3 at 6th (both above Hellboy 1). Kenshin #4 makes a strong showing at 10th and Ranma 1/2 #26 manages to make 17th (keeps chugging along).

In total, about 34 out of the top 100 GNs were manga.

A random thing I noticed is that every GN from Darkhorse either has a horror element (Hellboy, Goon, etc.) or is manga (or related to manga like Megatokyo).

One thing I'm really curious about is Del Ray. They released their manga right at the very end of April, explaining why nothing shows up on this list, but I wouldn't be surprised if they managed to sneak onto the top 20 of companies next month. They seem to have managed a really strong showing on most of their new titles in Bookstores at least....

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