Sunday, May 02, 2004

Tony Isabella and manga... 

You may or may not know that Tony Isabella runs a regular column called Tony's Online Tips. One good thing about it is that he has covered quite a variety of titles, including some manga. I usually agree with his assertions, so here is a link to his columns dealing with the subject. I'll stick with 2003/4 as those have descripions on the archive pages:


GTO, Iron Wok Jan, and Astro Boy

Cannon God Exaxxion

Tenchi Muyo and Dragon Ball

Metropolis and Dragon Ball Z

Clamp School Detectives, Cowboy Bebop, Fake, Initial D, and Love Hina

Gate Keepers and Onegai Teacher and some mail about Fake.

Iron Wok Jan, Lupin III, Pet Shop of Horrors, Under the Glass Moon, and Vampire Game and a little mail.

Demon Diary

Excel Saga

Boys Over Flowers and Futaba-kun Change

Shonen Jump overview

Shonen Jump again


Eerie Queery (Ghost)

Ceres and Alice 19th along with some general comments on manga.

Responding to mail on manga

Rurouni Kenshin

Raijin Comics Part 1 - Slam Dunk, Fist of the Blue Sky, City Hunter, Bomber Girl (ick), and Baki the Grappler.

Raijin Comics Part 2 - First President of Japan, Guardian Angel Getten, Revenge of the Mouflon, and the Barefoot Climber short. I never actually knew what Mouflon was about, but now I have to say I'm interested in it.

Nice job Tony!

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