Saturday, June 05, 2004

Catches of the day... 

Well, a while back I'd seen a sign at a local church mentioning a little craft fair happening today (from previous experience, I knew it was as much a multi-person tag sale as strict craft fair). Luckily I decided to put the date in my PDA, which saved me once again. Whatever it is I'm sick with hasn't gotten bad enough that I couldn't walk down the street, so Mom and I went off...

First, there was actually a tag sale on the way there. I ended up getting this great instructional book from the '80s on how to build sand castles! Next time I get to a beach, I have to try this stuff out. A great deal for only $1. Now that I look at it, it actually reminds me a bit of origamic architecture, a specific subset of pop-up card techniques that you can use to make amazing architecture. They had some various books on dolls and other collectables, but nothing really hit my fancy enough to spend on.

At the very first table at the craft fair, I struck gold. A family (I might add that the group was a latino mother and two daughters) had a table with a lot of kids books, and what did I find but manga! Basically it was various Peach Girl and Sailor Moon books. While I'm not storming down doors for either of these series, they were only 50 cents each and in good condition! I didn't get every Moon book as I believe I heard the original series wasn't translated as well as later one (and might be re-done soon), and were sporadic volumes. In the end I got:

Sailor Moon Super S 1-4 (I believe many people like Super S the best)
Sailor Moon Stars 1
Peach Girl 4-8
Peach Girl: Change of Heart 1 (sequel series)
All that for $5.50! :)

I also got a little Goku figurine, a book on Solitare type card games, a couple of misc. Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew books that one lady was giving away, and one of those twig pencils that you see people selling on occation.

It is neat that now that manga and anime have been around for a while, that the stuff will start showing up more and more at tag sales, especially since there isn't the collectability buzz as there has been for monthlies for years now. One scary thing was seeing an unopened MS-DOS 6 upgrade package for very cheap. How times change!

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