Saturday, June 05, 2004

Gene Simmons has lost his mind... 

So, I was watching MTV2 for a little while... then something happened. It was something that caused me to cycle through astonishment, fear, and revulsion. It was a commercial for Gene Simmons' new album ASSHOLE, and his cover of Prodigy's Firestarter in particular.

Now, the more I'm thinking about it, the more I'm hoping it is just some sort of self-parody like Snoop Dog does, but I'm really not sure. Now, I can't say that I've ever been a big KISS person. I was little when all the KISS Army stuff was going on, and I've only heard a couple of songs and seen a couple of interviews with the band. But even with that limited exposure, seeing Gene dressed up like a pimp, aparantly trying to look like Kid Rock, while doing a cover of Firestarter while surrounded by porno ladies... It was just... sad... something beyond sad and hehaps into the realm of terror.

The song itself doesn't add anything to the original song (I disliked the original song at first, but it grew on me). It is the same music and it sounds like almost anyone could be singing it. Even if you don't care for the semi-recent covers to Sweet Dreams or Smooth Criminal, at least they bring something new to the songs. Really, this is just Gene looking like a total dork seemingly at a karaoke party in some alternate world of his dreams...

If you are brave at heart, you can see the complete video here.

In hopefully better news, Bobb pointed out that Simmons is also behind a new cartoon called My Dad the Rockstar, which seems a concept strange enough that it might work. I mean, part of his inspiration is the Care Bears! Bobb said some of the episodes had some funny bits, so I'll have to see if I can track down the episodes (I really need Cartoon Network again).

If only Gene had left well enough alone with weird cartoons. ;) Someone please tell me he isn't serious about the Firestarter vid........

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