Thursday, June 03, 2004

Genndy Tartakovsky to head live-action Astro Boy... 

Whoah! Franklin brings news that the creator of Dextor's Laboratory and Samurai Jack has been selected by Sony to write and direct a live-action Astro Boy film. I haven't seen the Clone Wars animated series yet, but I'm thinking maybe that is what finally got him something like this.

Of course the big thing is.... how is Genndy at live-action? We know his writing, but will he be able to direct huge teams of actors and effects-houses? How will his sense of style translate outside of animation? How will he adapt something like Astro Boy. Does he have free reign or will the licensors restrict what he can do to such a big-name character?

It is all a little crazy, but I do have some hope that he'll manage a good job, especially considering some of the other anime-to-liveaction conversions that are coming down the pipeline (well.. US ones anyway.. Casshern in Japan looks amazing form the trailer).

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