Monday, June 07, 2004

Johanna's June 2004 Previews 

Lots of great stuff in this edition.

I have to say the most interesting thing to me directly is that Little White Mouse is coming out in three manga-sized volumes. When I first got back into comics, CWR was one of the main sites where I read up on what was what (the same thing happened earlier for anime with AonDVD.com). I remember reading about Little White Mouse and thinking that I'd love to read it, but then forgetting all about it. I never saw any of the volumes around anywhere (where they could jog my memory).

Lots of stuff coming out in a manga size lately, but despite my curiosity for titles like Runaways, I think LWM is something I'll actually pick up as soon as it comes out.

Other highlights are rants against "Graphic Novel Scene" which just doesn't seem to get it, the strangeness of Care Bears Body Glitter, and Elektra's nonsense cheesecake cover..

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