Thursday, June 10, 2004

M@AoD reaches 100 manga reviews... 

I hadn't blogged about this originally because they wanted it under wraps until it was ready, but lately they've been linking to manga reviews on the homepage, so I'm guessing the word is out. Animeondvd.com has always been a good resource for information on anime in general and dvds specifically, through both their reviews and forums.

A while back they created a manga forum, which proved popular enough to get split into a General and Recommendation forums. The next logical step was to make a site specifically about manga. That site is here.

Now, obviously it isn't totally finished yet. News isn't being posted to that page yet, the studio directory isn't finished (not all companies list the upcoming volumes), and things like the manga forums and license list have been previously availible.

The big thing is the reviews, which are located here. There are several reviewers, and most of the reviews try to cover specific things (packaging, artwork, sfx, translation, proofreading) in addition to the story itself, as well as pricing, isbn, pages, release date, ltr or rtl flow, etc.

It is still filling up with reviews, but I saw that a recent one (for Maison Ikkoku #5) has a database number of 102, so there is a fair amount in there already.

So, I'd say it is something to check out. AoDVD has been going strong for some time now, so this isn't something that'll just stop being updated in a couple of months. It is already a helpful resource and should only become more so as time goes on...

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