Monday, June 14, 2004

Now with non-Atom feeds through FeedBurner... 

Hey, I just found out about a pretty handy site called FeedBurner. Basically, it allows you to take a feed on your site and convert it to another format. As we know, Blogger only supports the Atom format, which is not as well supported as RSS. This site sets up a url for you which reads from your feed and converts it to another format on the fly!

If you look over to the right, you should see another feed listed under the Atom one. Now, there are different possible settings, but I decided to try the adaptive one. Basically, the feed will detect what your aggregator client is, and serve the content in a format it can handle. Technically, I shouldn't need to list the Atom feed anymore, but I don't know how reliable the site is yet (in terms of uptime, etc).

It also doesn't seem like an elaborate scam, since it doesn't insert ads into the feed, and even providing an e-mail address to them is optional. I think you can set up ad options for yourself that they can take a cut off of, though, which is probably how they might make money. They seem to also have various tracking stats you can do as well (don't know if there are gotchas for those features... I opted for the basics).

So, for those of you who have a client that doesn't support Atom, give the link a try and tell me if it seems to work ok.

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