Friday, July 02, 2004

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow! 

Hey, for anyone who reads my blog and isn't huge into the comics scene (or just has a bad memory), tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Basically, various publishers have put together samples to be given away for free at comic shops. This a great way to check out what's out there! Remember, it isn't just superheros anymore..

If you'd like to find a shop in your area that is doing this, go here and enter your zip code. BTW, Canada is also participating, though I'm not sure if stores there are covered in the above list.

Some of the samplers that will be given away are listed here. Everything from a western fairy tale to manga to underground stuff to web comics to Dorkin's subversive Bill & Tedd comic.

This should be fun, and I'll get a chance to go to a couple of shops that I haven't visited in a while...

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