Thursday, July 15, 2004

NewType expanding manga coverage... 

At the end of this thread on expanding the manga industry (an interesting read in itself for various people's opinions), was the following from Chris Johnston of NewType USA (in response to people asking for more manga coverage in magazines):

I can't speak for the others, but at Newtype USA we've been expanding our manga section every month for this exact same reason -- we as editors love manga, and we wanted to see it covered right. When/if you pick up the August issue, you'll see eight pages dedicated to manga reviews; that's just one page less than that of our US anime DVD reviews. And you may also notice a preview spread for a manga title that will make its world premiere in Newtype USA later this fall.

So... we're trying! ^_^

Sounds good to me. I still wouldn't mind seeing a magazine devoted to manga (or a comic magazine with more even coverage), but it is a start to be sure...

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