Saturday, July 24, 2004

Nice Dark Horse news... 

I have to say that I'm pretty excited about the updates on Dark Horse's manga.

Basically, Tim gave us the rundown of how DH will be presenting their manga from now on. Titles will be in right-to-left format, in sizes that reflect the current market, with original SFX intact translated with small subs, and with the original cover art.
There will be some exceptions. Some titles under contract will remain in their current formats, but those are mainly the titles they have with Digital Manga Publishing.
Tim mentioned new releases of Gunsmith Cats, You're Under Arrest and Ah! My Goddess. Yes there will be a title change when that series goes right-to-left. Tim also made note that AMG will soon finish its monthly run, start the GNs from where the monthlies left off while they will start bringing out the first volumes.

That is great news as far as formatting goes. I'm personally a fan of the "leave sfx but subtitle them" method, and I'm guessing these will also be around $10 each or not too much more. I may finally try to pick up some more Goddess volumes.

But that's not all. Aparantly Lone Wolf and Cub is going to be re-released, not just right-to-left, but in a larger "wideban" size. I'm forgetting what exactly that refers to, but I'm thinking somewhat larger than a regular digest, and certainly larger than the current super-small volumes. Samurai Executioner will first come out in left-to-right (so as not to throw off the current readers of Lone Wolf) but will be released right-to-left later on.

They also plan on getting out a bunch of Koike Shoin's titles in the future. And since the rights to Crying Freeman have expired from Viz, the rumor is that DH may release that as well...

Certainly interesting times. I don't think there will be many manga left in the older format in the near future...

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