Saturday, July 03, 2004

Some AnimeExpo announcements... 

Already there is too much stuff for me to list, so I'll list a couple of the things that I'm most happy at seeing. First up is anime stuff:

First up is Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Gu (shortened as Halé+Guu) by AN Entertainment. Everyone must check this out, as it is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Don't let that nice image fool you. Guu will occationally put on that happy smile for show, but usually she's as unemotional as Daria... and well, she has a tendancy for eating people. Of course there's also a world in her body, but that's another story. Poor Hale live in a jungle and is saddled with a Mom (who has a tendancy to be drunk half the time) and now Guu. All kinds of bizzare hijinx ensue, not to mention the chief's amazing chest hair. It is hard to describe just how odd and fun this series is. :) Aparantly they have the 26-episode series, 6 OVAs, and hope to Guu Final licensed eventually. No details on pricing, episode count, etc. yet.

Media Blasters has Midori no Hibi, which I mentioned a while back. I haven't actually watched an episode yet, but this looks like a fun deranged show with a boy who ends up getting a girl for a hand.

They also have a series called Otogizoushi from Production I.G. I hadn't seen anything about it before, but click around on this page. It looks to be a gorgeously animated period drama with pretty realistic character designs.

Geneon has Earth Defence Family (they're calling it The Daichies). I haven't seen this, but I know it is supposed to be very funny.

It sounds like someone has the Planetes anime (was mentioned at a Bang Zoom panel, which is a dubbing studio) is coming, along with Scrapped Princess.

Full Metal Alchemist starts on Cartoon Network on November 6th. I'm curious about this one. Maybe they'll stick it on CN's new on-demand section.

CPM has the animated Ici prequel Ichi the Killer: Episode Zero. Kind of curious on this, as the movie was pretty interesting (in a disturbing way).

In the paper world:

Everyone is going crazy because Tokyopop has aparantly licensed a series of limited CLAMP magazines called CLAMP no Kiseki. Each covers a different series with various info., but each also has three chess pieces. If you buy all 12, you get a complete set. Aparantly the Japanese release also has a way to get a board, but that isn't finalized yet for the US release. I'm a big fan of chess (and collecting chess sets), so I have to say this is a bit tempting for me...

Big news from CPM is a bunch of titles from Korean author Hyunse Lee: Hardboiled Angel, Armadgeddon, Mythology of the Heavens, and Nambul: War Stories.

There was also confimation that all the titles from the Be Beautiful line will be $15.99 and shrinkwrapped. I guess porn is a premium...

That's all for now.. check here for more stuff.

Updates:Whoah, ADV has a ton of stuff. Looks like they have some classics with Marine Boy and Legend of Moby Dick. I know the Gantz manga (by the creator of Hen) is supposed to be pretty crazy, about some people who die and get stuck in a room with a black sphere, then forced to do things. Haven't heard how the anime compares to it. I think Detective Loki Ragnorak has a godo reputation too. Always good to have more mysteries. Aparantly they also have the movie Tree of Palme, which looked really interesting from the trailer.

Right Stuf has Boys Be! I bought this from Singapore (legit release) a while back, and while I didn't finish watching it yet, it was a pretty good show. Basically school romance vignettes that somewhat tie together, mostly from a guy's point of view. Some fanservice, but not too bad actually (probably less than Sgt. Frog actually). This is the sort of thing that'd be hard to find as a native US show, as romance stores are always hedged into "chick flick". I think the manga was re-titled by one company as "A Guy's Guide to Girls" which is very misleading. This isn't a guide to anything, just some normal slice-of-life relationship stories.

They also aparantly have the live-action Boogiepop show, which I'm a bit curious about actually. I think I heard it was decent...

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