Thursday, July 15, 2004

Some AX2004 Cosplay 

Speaking of Chris, he has a page of
cosplay from Anime Expo 2004 up. Isn't a huge gallery, but some fun stuff in there. The coolest thing right off the bat is a big crew of Aqua Teen Hunger Force! Not only the main three, but Carl and the Mooninites! (The moon rulez!). A spandex superhero gets snuck in, in the form of Pepsiman. I didn't expect to see a Midori no Hibi costume, but that is a good idea. Relatively staight-forward to make.

One thing was interesting. I remember how there used to always be a bazillion Sailor Moon outfits everywhere, but I don't remember seeing many actual DBZ costumes. A good idea to do the "battle scarred" look, and really well done overall, especially Piccolo.

One thing I find interesting is how anime gives a pretty good range of costumes for the ladies. Not that many guys would/should attempt the spandex look, but I'd certainly be self-concious if I was a lady trying to wear almost any superhero costume. In the gallery you get a range of totally covered (Witch Hunter Robin), relatively normal clothes (Onizuka lady.. the sign was a great idea!), and almost naked (whoever the lady with blue hair is supposed to be... from a game?).

Lastly we are left with the great mysteries of why Vash and (Sano?) are beating up the Kingdom Hearts guy... and most of all... why a male Yuna??

Update: Can't help to link to this fairy costume. You don't often see people dressed up like fairies anywhere, and this one is especially well done.

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